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Superannuation Financial Advisor Melbourne

We’ll show you how to maximise your super.

Feel in over your head when the topic of superannuation comes up? Asking questions like, ‘Am I maximising my superannuation?’

Regardless of your age or employment situation, your super can be a powerful financial tool that impacts your current financial strategy. It’s also a very tax effective way to save for your retirement, with minimal effort. Although it may be tempting to think of it as something that automatically ticks away in the background, with the right financial advice, you can ensure that what you do with your super now not only positively impacts your financial security later on but also helps you make some smarter tax moves now. This is where we come in.

What working with a financial planner for your superannuation can look like:

  • Choosing the right fund (and knowing why it’s right for you)
  • Creating an investment strategy within your fund that suits your risk profile
  • Understanding the strategies for optimising your super
  • Finding ways to make contributions that reduce your current tax bill
  • Understanding when to increase and decrease the size of your contributions based on your phase of life and plans for retirement.
  • Minimising all potential tax that your beneficiaries may pay when you pass away.
A group of three professional adults seated at a white table, smiling.

Who can benefit from the support of a superannuation advisor:

  • Pre-retirees with questions on how to maximise their super and generate income in retirement
  • High-income earners thinking about contribution limits and needing advice on minimising tax liabilities
  • Those wanting to review their current superannuation to ensure they have a fund that is suitable to their situation
  • Those wanting to diversify their investments – if you know your super is just one investment stream but would value exploring other options suitable to you, we’re your people.
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Why choose us as your superannuation advisors?

At Creating Financial Certainty, we are more than superannuation advisors. By taking the time to understand your broader financial goals, we don’t look at super in isolation and give advice from there. We look at super as just one piece of the bigger picture and help make sure it’s serving your goals both now and into the future.

For over 20 years, we’ve provided personalised advice to Australians needing support with their superannuation investment strategy. Easily the most tax-effective way to plan for retirement, if you’ve never intentionally optimised your super or approached it strategically, you could be leaving money on the table.

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Do you need someone to show you how to boost your super?

Need help creating financial certainty?

Here’s how we’ll do it together…


Book an Intro Call

This is your no obligation phone call where we will get to know more about you and your
situation. If we’re confident we can provide value, we will let you know next steps and
provide you with an estimated fee structure.


Your Future You Session

This 90-minute session is all about you and your goals for the future – exploring who you
are, your future plans, understanding your family dynamics and helping you identify what
financial success looks like for you. This will help us determine where we can help you best.


Value of Advice

Within a week, we will identify the areas of focus we propose to address and present it to
you. Here, you can decide to proceed or not. If it feels aligned with your goals, we will
proceed with creating your financial plan.


Your Financial Plan

We will spend the following few weeks formulating a tailored strategy for how you can
structure your finances and investments to maximise your situation. We will then do a
walkthrough of your strategy and recommendations.


Ongoing Support

By now, we’ll have an initial financial plan in place. We will continue to adjust your strategy
in-line with changes to the market or your personal situation to maximise the possibility of
meeting your long-term goals and objectives.


Questions we get asked about getting support with superannuation funds:


Can a superannuation financial advisor help me maximise my retirement savings?

Absolutely, by reviewing your current superannuation situation and looking at your contributions, we can help you understand the difference between investment options, contribution levels, and retirement planning decisions that will help work toward your goals.

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What superannuation fund should I choose? And how do I maximise my super?

Questioning which superannuation fund is best and what actions you should take to make the most of the benefits, returns, and growth potential of your superannuation savings? Depending on your situation, we make personalised recommendations. This can include anything from helping you make the right contributions, assessing whether salary sacrificing is beneficial for you, reviewing your insurance coverage, looking at your investment options and a whole lot more. To gain clarity on how to truly maximise your super, book a free call with a superannuation financial advisor today.

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How much does a superannuation advisor cost? And is superannuation advice tax deductible?

Our advice is all tailored according to your needs. By jumping on a free call with us today, we can get a feel for what support you will require and give you an accurate idea of our fee structure.

In terms of tax deductibility, your super fund might actually cover the costs of any advice you need about your super or retirement plans. So, any ongoing advice you receive could potentially be tax deductible. However, just to be on the safe side, it’s always a good idea to double-check with your provider.

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Can a superannuation financial advisor help with self-managed super funds (SMSFs)?

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