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Cash Flow Management Melbourne

Feel good knowing you are maximising your current position.

Ensuring you have enough surplus in the bank is vital for when the unexpected happens, an opportunity arises, or a season of life changes. And, for those who are deliberately focused on building wealth, having extra cash on hand isn’t just a nice-to-have, but an absolute must.

Helping individuals, couples and whole families get on the same page when it comes to managing their cash flow is something we love doing. Empowering each individual with the life-enhancing skills to make more informed decisions, we help lower the stress in the household to make life more enjoyable again.

What getting support with your cash flow management can look like:

  • Tracking where your money is going and getting clarity on your spending
  • Planning your spending more strategically
  • Getting an action plan that provides a balance between living your life and saving for the future
  • Setting up structures to create a surplus with your savings.
A group of three professional adults seated at a white table, smiling.

Who can benefit from financial coaching in money management

  • Those who feel like they can’t keep track of their spending, those wondering why money flows out as fast as it seems to flow in.
  • Couples who don’t feel like they’re on the same page when it comes to managing their cashflow day-to-day let alone week-to-week
  • Individuals feeling out of control of their spending
  • Individuals and families who don’t feel comfortable with their current spending
  • Those wanting the financial freedom to invest in experiences without feeling guilty
A group of three staff members seated at a white table, smiling.

Why Australians choose us when looking for a personal finance coach:

Our friendly, approachable, and down to earth team understands that confronting your current spending can be quite a vulnerable thing to do. Having helped hundreds of Australians get control over their cash flow. We don’t make judgements about how you got to where you are, instead, it’s our job to simplify the solution and make sure you feel clear and supported with how to start heading in the right direction.

With families of our own, we also understand how important it is to model a healthy relationship with money that you can be proud to pass on to your kids. If learning helpful cash flow management skills or getting help with taking back control of your spending is something you need help with, get in touch.

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Getting on top of your cash flow can happen quicker than you think…

Need help creating financial certainty?

Here’s how we’ll do it together…


Book an Intro Call

This is your no obligation phone call where we will get to know more about you and your
situation. If we’re confident we can provide value, we will let you know next steps and
provide you with an estimated fee structure.


Your Future You Session

This 90-minute session is all about you and your goals for the future – exploring who you
are, your future plans, understanding your family dynamics and helping you identify what
financial success looks like for you. This will help us determine where we can help you best.


Value of Advice

Within a week, we will identify the areas of focus we propose to address and present it to
you. Here, you can decide to proceed or not. If it feels aligned with your goals, we will
proceed with creating your financial plan.


Your Financial Plan

We will spend the following few weeks formulating a tailored strategy for how you can
structure your finances and investments to maximise your situation. We will then do a
walkthrough of your strategy and recommendations.


Ongoing Support

By now, we’ll have an initial financial plan in place. We will continue to adjust your strategy
in-line with changes to the market or your personal situation to maximise the possibility of
meeting your long-term goals and objectives.


Money management questions we get asked about daily:


What is cash management, and how can you help me optimise my cash flow?

Cash management or money management is about controlling the cash resources that you receive and payout, ensuring that there are sufficient funds at any given time to meet your financial obligations or arising needs.

Optimising your cash flow involves looking at your income sources, expenses, payment cycles, payment methods, and more to explore better ways of maximising the value of your available funds. This may be considering things like electronic payment options with reduced fees, changing the timing of your payment cycles or simply setting up a clear daily, weekly or monthly spending plan that allows you to track and monitor your cash management to ensure it aligns with your goals.

A group of three professional adults seated at a white table, smiling.

Can you help me create a cash flow forecast?

Absolutely. We’ll look at your previous 12 months spending as a guide to your future spending plan. From that we’ll divide your expenses into three buckets, living, household and savings buckets which can help you stay on top of your spending without updating tedious spreadsheets or budgets.

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How can you help me invest surplus cash?

The best thing about working with a finance coach (aka. money coach) is that you can get guidance on your investment options that is specific to your risk tolerance. Whether shorter-term investments are better for you or longer-term strategies, we can help you identify where your surplus cash should go in order to meet your goals.

A group of three professional adults seated at a white table, smiling with an open laptop in the foreground.