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Your alternative to SMSF Financial Advisors

Helping you simplify the complex.

Do you have questions about Self Managed Super Funds?

We can help you truly evaluate your investment strategy and determine if setting up an SMSF is suited to your situation or potentially overcomplicating something that could cause issues later.

Setting up an SMSF in Melbourne and already have some questions?

The good news is we are based in Melbourne and can meet with you in person, over a coffee or online remotely to help you gain clarity on whether setting up an SMSF (self-managed super fund) is right for you.

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Why choose us? We’re not your average SMSF advisers…

At Creating Financial Certainty, we’re more than SMSF specialist advisers. We never look at one investment strategy in isolation, and always consider how setting you up with a SMSF will serve your overall goals.  For many people the complexity of a SMSF is not always warranted and if so we’ll advise on the most appropriate type of superannuation funds.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we love helping people make better decisions when it comes to creating the financial freedom that they truly desire. And, if a SMSF is right for you, ensuring that you understand your roles and responsibilities in managing the SMSF, alongside helping you prepare necessary documentation, understand compliance, and better allocate your assets is all part of what we can do.

A group of three professional adults seated at a white table, smiling.

Stop searching for self-managed super fund advisers and take a bigger perspective approach.

Need help creating financial certainty?

Here’s how we’ll do it together…


Book an Intro Call

This is your no obligation phone call where we will get to know more about you and your
situation. If we’re confident we can provide value, we will let you know next steps and
provide you with an estimated fee structure.


Your Future You Session

This 90-minute session is all about you and your goals for the future – exploring who you
are, your future plans, understanding your family dynamics and helping you identify what
financial success looks like for you. This will help us determine where we can help you best.


Value of Advice

Within a week, we will identify the areas of focus we propose to address and present it to
you. Here, you can decide to proceed or not. If it feels aligned with your goals, we will
proceed with creating your financial plan.


Your Financial Plan

We will spend the following few weeks formulating a tailored strategy for how you can
structure your finances and investments to maximise your situation. We will then do a
walkthrough of your strategy and recommendations.


Ongoing Support

By now, we’ll have an initial financial plan in place. We will continue to adjust your strategy
in-line with changes to the market or your personal situation to maximise the possibility of
meeting your long-term goals and objectives.