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Financial Adviser in Melbourne

Helping you create the right financial strategy based on your needs, goals, and investment preferences.

Want peace of mind that you’re on track to meet your long-term
financial goals? Need clarity on what your next financial move
should be?

Whether you’re approaching retirement or simply thinking about your
future now, through personalised financial advice, we help take the
stress away from what money can cause, maximising your finances and
getting it working for you to help achieve your long-term goals.

Hi, I’m Andrew. A Financial Adviser in Melbourne.

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Diploma of Finance
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance
  • Self-managed Super Fund Advisor

With the amount of content available online, it can be information overload. Not knowing which advice is right for their personal circumstance is a huge struggle that the average person down the road will face, and that’s exactly where I come in to help.

With over 20 years of experience in financial advising in Melbourne, I’ve blended my love for numbers with a passion for helping people into pretty much my dream job. Day to day, I get to help people navigate the many financial decisions and investment market cycles that they will face over the course of their life, reducing stress and giving them certainty in areas they didn’t think possible.

Does this sound like what you’re looking for?

Looking for a trusted financial planner in Melbourne?

Financial Advisor Melbourne


Janelle & Alun

Andrew has an extensive knowledge of the Financial Market and is very approachable, considerate and professional in his communication and actions.


Bernard & Claire

Andrew’s professionalism and capacity to understand our personal financial situation enabled us to trust in his advice which has made a tangible impact on our capacity to save money.


Neil & Phen

There were a lot of gaps in our knowledge regarding our SMSF and retirement, but Andrew was able to fill-in these gaps and set us on the road to a comfortable retirement.

What we’ll help you achieve

Clarity on where you are now and where you’re heading.

‘When do you want to retire?’

‘Where do you want to holiday?’

‘How much money will you need?’

We ask the right pointed questions to help you define exactly
what you want to achieve with your finances, both short-term and
long-term. With clearer goalposts, we can then help you choose
the right game plan.

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Sophisticated financial modelling to help you work out your numbers.

Based on your current situation, future goals, and financial strategies available, we can help you forecast your financial future and either give you certainty that you are on track or give you the awareness and strategies to get you on track.

A group of three middle-aged professionals seated at a white table, smiling.

Need help creating financial certainty?

Here’s how we’ll do it together…


Book an Intro Call

This is your no obligation phone call where we will get to know more about you and your
situation. If we’re confident we can provide value, we will let you know next steps and
provide you with an estimated fee structure.


Your Future You Session

This 90-minute session is all about you and your goals for the future – exploring who you
are, your future plans, understanding your family dynamics and helping you identify what
financial success looks like for you. This will help us determine where we can help you best.


Value of Advice

Within a week, we will identify the areas of focus we propose to address and present it to
you. Here, you can decide to proceed or not. If it feels aligned with your goals, we will
proceed with creating your financial plan.


Your Financial Plan

We will spend the following few weeks formulating a tailored strategy for how you can
structure your finances and investments to maximise your situation. We will then do a
walkthrough of your strategy and recommendations.


Ongoing Support

By now, we’ll have an initial financial plan in place. We will continue to adjust your strategy
in-line with changes to the market or your personal situation to maximise the possibility of
meeting your long-term goals and objectives.

A group of three staff members seated at a white table, smiling.

Let’s take the journey together.

Why choose us – our company values

Simplifying the complex

For many, the world of finance, superannuation & tax can almost
be another language. Through our discussions, we’ll focus on
tailoring financial education to your past experience and

A group of three professional adults seated at a white table, smiling.

Personal advice

One size does not fit all. Personal advice will vary between individuals, which is why each strategy will be customised according to your personal investment preferences, risk tolerance, personal circumstances, and financial goals.

A group of three staff members seated, smiling.

Honest conversations

Unfortunately for some, not all financial goals are achievable. Instead of telling you what you want to hear, we may have to have a difficult conversation about what is achievable. In this, we’ll help you prioritise the most important things for you and your family and adjust your strategy accordingly.

A group of three middle-aged professionals seated at a white table, smiling.

A positive nudge

Procrastination is often the root cause of people never achieving personal financial certainty. Time is an important ingredient in doing what we do effectively, so a phrase such as “We wish we had of ……” is something we’d like to avoid. If taking action now is in your best interest, we’ll strongly encourage taking any steps to improve your financial position.

A group of three professional adults seated at a white table, smiling.



“What if I don’t know much when it comes to my finances?”

Whether you’ve taken an active interest in managing your finances and have been interested in creating financial certainty for a while, or it’s your first time thinking about it more deeply, our  approach to helping you gain clarity on your finances is honest, conversational and non-judgemental. We understand not everyone comes to us with the same knowledge, so our job is to simplify the complex for you. All questions are valid questions. We are here to answer them all. We’re here to unpack it all.

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“How much does a financial advisor in Melbourne cost? And are financial advisor fees tax deductible?”

By jumping on a no obligation 1:1 call, we can get a clear picture of what you need. In this call, we are transparent about our fees so you can be clear on the costs involved before choosing to move forward.

In terms of tax deductibility, your super fund may be able to cover any advice related to your super or retirement planning. Ongoing advice may be tax deductible, but you will need to check with your accountant.

A group of three professional adults seated at a white table, smiling.

Is financial advice for individuals or businesses?

At Creating Financial Certainty we focus on helping individuals & couples create their own financial certainty.


What stage of life should I seek financial advice?

There’s an old saying that the best time to plant a tree is 40 years ago and the second best time is now. If your not on track to meet your financial goals then the key is a personalised strategy and time.

So, if you’re an established professional or some who’s starting to think about retirement then Creating Financial Certainty can help you achieve your financial goals.

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How much do I need to retire?

This answer will vary significantly. Before we try to answer this question you need to ask yourself what do you want your lifestyle to look like in retirement and how much will that cost.

Then we look at whether your entitled Government support through the Age Pension, your investment strategy and what age you’d like to retire.

Once all this is established we use our sophisticated modelling software to calculate how much you may need along with a strategy to build the necessary nest egg.

A group of three staff members with one person pointing at a monitor on the wall.
Group of three staff members standing, smiling and laughing together.

Helping you feel in control of your finances so that regardless of what the market does, you can confidently say, ‘We’ve got this.’