The Experts You Book Before a Property Investment Planner in Melbourne

Helping you figure out if a property investment is even worth it for you

Considering buying a property? Already in the property market, but not sure you’re maximising capital growth? Approaching retirement and wondering if it’s time to exit and re-evaluate your income streams?

No matter where you’re starting from, having support to assess whether property is an affordable wealth-generating vehicle for you can help avoid making costly real estate investment mistakes that send you backward rather than forward.

Think you need a property investment planner? Here’s what getting help from us can look like

  • Getting advice on how to structure your investments, with or without property
  • Whether using equity from your home to purchase another property is smart or risky according to your personal circumstance
  • Having us engage with a trusted property specialist to give you localised data and insight on current market trends and specific property opportunities that are best suited to you
  • Developing an exit strategy that helps you determine the most appropriate time and way to sell a property in a way that will maximise your returns
  • Determining whether buying and holding property with your own rental property will be a helpful cash flow support to your wider finance goals
  • Support with refinancing your property to access equity or reduce payments.

Who property investment planning with a broader perspective is ideal for

  • Those considering rental property as an investment strategy
  • Those retiring from the workforce in the next 10 to 15 years
  • Anyone feeling uncertain with their current property portfolio and potentially needing an exit strategy

Why choose us as an alternative to your typical real estate investment planners?

As qualified financial advisors who aren’t purely focused on property, we’re big on helping you evaluate whether adding a property investment into your broader investment strategy, is indeed the right decision for you.

Having guided hundreds of clients over the years, it’s amazing how many we have helped prevent from taking on huge financial risks and steered in the right direction toward greater investment opportunities they may not have even realised were an option. Honest, up front, and with insight across a range of investment types, our clients often share how reassuring it is to have advisors that really do have the knowledge of what else is out there and what else can be done for their unique situation.

Get the help you need to make the right move with property today.

Need help creating financial certainty?

Here’s how we’ll do it together…


Book an Intro Call

This is your no obligation phone or video call with a Financial Advisor. Here, we’ll spend some time getting to know your situation and motivation for getting in touch. If we’re confident we can provide value, we’ll let you know how the next steps work and give you a clear indication of the fee structure before you choose to go ahead.


Your Future You Session

This 1.5-hour session is all about you – exploring who you are and your future plans, understanding your family dynamics and helping you identify what success looks like for you.



Over the next week, we’ll identify areas of focus we propose to address and present it to you. At this point, you can make the decision about whether you would like to proceed. If it feels aligned with your goals, we will begin creating your financial strategy full of recommendations suited to your circumstance.


Your Financial Strategy

Based on the presentation, we’ll spend the next few weeks formulating a tailored strategy and advice for how you can structure your finances and investments to maximise your money at the right time. This process involves deep diving into any numbers and records we can attain from your providers. You’ll then receive a video walkthrough of the strategy.


Ongoing Support

At this point, we’ll have an initial financial plan in place.  Whether there’s a shift in your personal circumstances, changes to legislation or investment markets or your goals change, we’ll adjust your strategy to maximise the probability of meeting your long-term goals and objectives.


Whether it’s our annual progress meeting, an informal coffee or ongoing communication we’ll make sure you are maximising your personal situation.


“Communication is the key to every great relationship.”


Questions we get asked about property investments


Is property investment suitable for everyone?

Property investment isn’t for everyone. Depending on your financial stability, risk tolerance, stage of life, and even your age, property investment may actually be more risky than it’s worth. This is why having insight from a professional property investment planner can help.


Property investment vs shares… which is a better investment strategy?

This is just one of the questions we will explore in your Future You Session. There is no one answer fits all, as it depends on your personal situation. With the right information that we collect in this session, you’ll walk away with clarity on questions like this and how it relates specifically to your proposed investment strategy.


Can you get me in touch with a buyer’s advocate?

As part of our service, we first help you analyse whether a property investment is right for you. Then, with a network of trusted professionals in our corner, we can connect you with the right experts to support you with your next steps. Whether it’s a property specialist who can analyse property data and help you find suitable investment properties based on location, type, budget and more or a buyer’s advocate that will support you in the negotiation and transaction process. Our clients love the well-rounded support and connections that we have access to.


Are you technically a real estate financial planner?

At Creating Financial Certainty, we are not real estate specialists. Consider us the advisers that are one step before this, helping you first ascertain whether entering or entering the property market is the right financial decision for you. In saying that, we can absolutely link you up with a property specialist who can help you purchase a property once you’ve settled on a decision.